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Cosmoprof: Where CBD and The Beauty Industry Intersect

Cosmoprof is one of North America’s largest B2B conferences that is specifically targeted for the beauty industry. The main focus of the show is to bring beauty professionals and beauty brands together and forge new connections in the space. From new technology to new ingredients, Cosmoprof truly is a trade show unlike any other.

This was the first year EcoGen attended this conference. Going to the show has helped our team gain a solid understanding of where the beauty industry is headed and how CBD companies are an integral part of it. 


What to Expect at the Show

Cosmoprof prides itself on being a show for all vendors in the beauty space. So, at the event, you truly will find just that. To help make it a little easier to navigate, however, the show floor is divided out into different types of companies. The company types include small but creative brands, high-end brand spotlights, a section dedicated to the multicultural consumer, and of course CBD beauty!

Each year Cosmoprof sees new CBD companies attending. This year, there were about 20 companies there that were strictly CBD-focused. However, there were around 15 brands that were showcasing CBD product lines in addition to their lineup of products. 


What is the benefit of EcoGen attending Cosmoprof?

When our team attends shows like Cosmoprof, we are given the opportunity to see first-hand how the beauty and CBD industries are intersecting. It is an opportunity for us to see where we can fill in the gaps and what products our clients, or potential clients, are looking for. 

Cosmoprof is a show that is often overlooked by other CBD manufacturers, which gives us the upper hand. When we are one of the only wholesale CBD companies attending, it gives us a better chance at meeting one-on-one with the brand owners and formulating the relationship. 

Attending the show also allows us to educate companies that do not have CBD in their product lines on the benefits of CBD, discuss restrictions, and even get insight as to why they have not entered the market yet.  


What trends for 2022 are seen so far in the CBD beauty industry?

Based on what we are seeing at the show, shampoos and conditioners might be the next big trend in CBD beauty! Also, going hand-in-hand with this, it is my prediction that we will be seeing more CBD hair products in salons come next year.


Are there any crazy inventions (CBD-related or not)?

There was a small mother/daughter company that created a fun device that attaches small adhesive crystals to your hair. I swear that there wasn’t a single person on that trade show floor without some sparkly crystals in their hair – men included!


When it comes to CBD, what products does it seem most people are interested in? (Serums, lotions, makeup, etc)

When it comes to CBD, skincare is still probably the biggest interest category. Serums and face masks seem to be the ones drawing in the most attention. 


What is the biggest lesson learned by attending Cosmoprof?

One important takeaway from attending Cosmoprof is that even though attendance is more limited due to COVID-19, this actually gives us the ability to meet more new brands. This truly is a game-changer. Also, with some brands being so new, they don’t have websites or even finished products yet, we would never be able to find them just by doing research online. The face-to-face aspect of shows is incredible in forging those lasting relationships with potential clients. 


While we didn’t have a booth at the show, my goal was to teach companies that were unfamiliar with CBD products more about how it could be useful when integrated into their product lines. I also made it a point to educate companies on the industry and its projections for the future. I wanted to make them aware of our low MOQ finished goods program and how they can incorporate our CBD into their formulations easily.

Written by Alex Touch, Sales Operations Manager 

On the surface, it might seem like the Cosmoprof show is all about beauty, and while that is true, each brand and attendee wants to be able to offer the newest technology and best products to the end customer. 


EcoGen attending the conference was a successful experience that allowed us to meet new people, formulate relationships with brands and help make high-quality CBD products even more available within the beauty industry.