EcoEdition Volume 14: ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certification Q&A

Every industry has its own set of extremely sought-after certifications that showcase the dedication and commitment to the quality of the businesses that achieve them. For example, the technology industry prides itself on Google certifications and the dining industry on Michelin stars. In the manufacturing industry, there is a multitude of certifications brands seek to obtain, and EcoGen is proud to be a recipient of one of the most prestigious: ISO 9001-2015 quality standard.


Created to represent excellence in standard operating procedures during the manufacturing process, in a global recognition from the Internal Organization of Standards, ISO authorizes auditing firms across the world to audit and certify that companies are meeting quality standards for manufacturing globally.


To discuss the significance of this certification for EcoGen, we sat down with Joe Delaney, Vice President of Quality Assurance & Quality Control to learn more. 


Why are quality standards important in the CBD industry?

There is not a lot of historical analytical experience in the CBD industry, so we rely on external partners for testing. Unfortunately, what people are receiving from some CBD companies is not always what they think they are buying, and it is our responsibility to take the appropriate measures to make sure this never happens under EcoGen’s watch. 


Having a standard set of operating procedures that are audited and followed each time allows for consistency and quality of EcoGen products. The bad stuff that impedes the quality of some CBD includes pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, residual solvents. Plus, depending on the soil hemp is grown in, there can be ugly heavy metals. Want to add fuel to the fire? Generally, soil is not even tested. 


That is why having an ISO 9001-2015 certification is one of the most important things you can look for when it comes to CBD. It is clear, pure and exactly what you are looking to purchase. 


Which is the ISO certification that EcoGen obtained, and what are the differences between the certification numbers?

EcoGen was awarded the ISO 9001- 2015. The first number (9001) is for the manufacturing process while the second number (2015) is the year the standard was updated. Businesses generally get one certification based on its industry segment.


When it comes to certifications of quality, why does ISO stand out?

ISO 9001’s audit process focuses on traceability through the entire supply chain, with material and products at the end linked to established global analytical standards. As one of the few hemp companies to secure the ISO 9001 accreditation, EcoGen is on the forefront of implementing standards and practices that exceed what is currently seen in the U.S. hemp marketplace. Customers can enjoy a next level of compliance and assurance knowing that high standards of excellence and safety are maintained through the entire supply chain, from CBD oil to finished CBD products.


What does obtaining this certification mean for EcoGen as a company?

ISO 9001-2015 will help us continue to differentiate from the competition. ISO certificates are not yet widely adopted in CBD and hemp industries, but the best of the best are still able to obtain their seal. 

At EcoGen we hold ourselves to the highest standard and this certification is the cherry on top. When customers see this seal, they can rest assured they are getting next-level of compliance assurance. 


Are there any other certifications that EcoGen will strive to obtain or has received? 

In addition to the ISO 9001-2015, EcoGen has also received the British Retail Consortium Global Standards Certification for meeting FoodChain ID Certification L.C. requirements for excellence in the extraction, purification, crystallization, formulation, and packaging or cannabidiol (CBD) isolate and CBD distillate formulations, both packaged and stored ambient.


In the future, we also plan to expand our ISO certification further for the distribution of 3rd party products. Additionally, we are looking to obtain the Quality Control Laboratory ISO 17025


Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Obtaining the ISO 9001-2015 was a personal goal of mine for years. Having worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry, these certifications are always relevant and top of mind. We built this from scratch and to see it blossom into the operation it is today is incredibly rewarding. 


Thanks to Joe for working hard to keep EcoGen’s quality and safety top of mind! EcoGen will be working with independent auditors to maintain its certification with regular audits and testing each year. If you are curious about our practices and other certifications, please contact us.