Kadenwood’s EcoGen Biosciences Acquires Hemp Processing Company, Adding Increased Production Capacity and cGMP Certification

Kadenwood’s EcoGen Biosciences Acquires Hemp Processing Company, Adding Increased Production Capacity and cGMP Certification

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kadenwood’s EcoGen Biosciences (“EcoGen” or the “Company”), a leading vertically-integrated manufacturer and supplier of hemp-derived specialty ingredients, proprietary formulations, and private-label finished products in the United States, announced today the acquisition of Colorado-based hemp processing and extraction company General Processing LLC (“GP, LLC”). This acquisition will substantially expand EcoGen’s production capacity, adding technological innovations in the areas of sustainability and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance. This allows the Company to further integrate its own supply chain while servicing domestic and global markets.

Through proprietary internal research and development, paired with innovative process IP included in the acquisition, the Company has advanced its commitment to implement a more sustainable production of raw hemp materials. The newly added facility will remove entire stages of the process, allowing for the reduction of waste through proprietary equipment and processes. As part of its ongoing operational strategic planning, EcoGen has placed sustainability and innovation at the forefront of its strategic expansion plan, looking to remain the industry leader and set the standard for sustainable hemp manufacturing practices.

As a part of the acquisition, the Company has added a 50,000-square-foot production campus in Delta, Colorado, with an additional 165 acres of farming land. The facility recently completed a dietary supplements cGMP inspection for 21 CFR Part 111 certification conducted by ASI on October 4, 2020, which was ahead of the expected schedule and expedited EcoGen’s compliance plan to include dietary supplement certification substantially. This certification will further position EcoGen for future regulatory compliance standards set by various regulatory agencies and allows for its products to meet industry-leading standards for the highest quality products available. The Company looks to develop the facility in the coming months.

Included in its offering are raw hemp materials such as isolate and distillate, custom formulated hemp-derived products and general processing of hemp biomass for use in consumer-facing products of all kinds.

“This acquisition not only expedites the process of garnering cGMP certification for our manufacturing capabilities, but allows us space to introduce our revolutionary new sustainable manufacturing processes while expanding our capacity as we look ahead to 2021 and prepare for increasing demand,” said Garrett Bain, President of EcoGen Biosciences. “As a global, leading vertically-integrated manufacturer and supplier of hemp-derived specialty ingredients, EcoGen values quality, integrity and consistency above all else. In order to maintain this industry-leading position, we continue to take forward-looking steps that will enable our products and processes to continue to meet customer needs as evolving regulatory and health authority standards are applied to the hemp extraction and hemp-derived products industry.

“With this newest acquisition that adds further value to EcoGen’s capabilities, we are positioning Kadenwood to be a global powerhouse of hemp-derived raw materials and consumer products of the highest caliber,” said Erick Dickens, CEO and Co-Founder of Kadenwood. “Through our strategic growth plan, we will continue to evolve as an organization, staying ahead of production and product trends. While many companies have struggled to define their role in this evolving and competitive landscape, Kadenwood has emerged as the industry’s true leader. We are proud to lead in products, manufacturing, innovation, and now, sustainability and compliance. We look to the future with optimism, as we are confident that 2021 and beyond will continue to provide great success and opportunities for Kadenwood companies.”

EcoGen is the lead manufacturing arm of Kadenwood, LLC, a consumer seed-to-shelf CBD company dedicated to fostering trust and transparency in the mainstream wellness category, after its recent acquisition. The Company supplies the raw hemp materials for use in Kadenwood’s CBD products, as well as many other brands across North America and Europe.

For more information on the Company and its products please visit https://www.kadenwoodbrands.com/. For more information on EcoGen including information on becoming a customer, please visit https://ecogenbiosciences.com/.

About Kadenwood, LLC
Founded in 2019, Kadenwood is a privately held consumer products lifestyle company relentlessly focused on shaping CBD into a trusted and safe mainstream wellness category. To drive this mission, Kadenwood is backed by decades of CPG marketing and category innovation expertise and industry-leading, vertically-integrated CBD farming to ensure quality CBD oil from seed-to-shelf that contains no THC. In 2019, Kadenwood launched its first branded products under LEVEL SELECT™ in personal care.

About EcoGen Biosciences
EcoGen Biosciences (EcoGen) is the leading vertically-integrated manufacturer and supplier of hemp-derived specialty ingredients in North America. Using proprietary equipment, processes, and formulations, EcoGen has developed a broad range of the highest quality ingredients and customized formulations for a broad range of industries. Founded in 2016, EcoGen is the first seed-to-sale CBD manufacturer, known for manufacturing the purest CBD raw materials and finished products. The company is also a leader in international distribution with CBD isolate, water-soluble CBD (Nano), and THC-free CBD distillate. As the leader in hemp genetics, EcoGen promotes sustainable agriculture, using its proprietary processing and extraction technology to ensure the highest quality products at the lowest price making cannabinoids more accessible to the world.

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