EcoGen BioSciences – Company Profile

Our Story

EcoGen Biosciences is an industrial scale producer of broad-spectrum CBD Isolate, full spectrum CBD oil, non-detectable THC distillate, high CBD feminized clones/seeds and a water-dispersible CBD. Our CBD is derived from American-grown hemp. We utilize a proprietary purification technology that allows products with up to 99.9% concentration of CBD without THC. 

  • Leading producer of CBD Extracts: CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and Water Dispersible CBD (Nano).
  • Leading hemp seeds & genetics research: Highly potent CBD auto-flower feminized CBD seeds and clones.
  • Owns and operates proprietary processing/extraction labs, genetics research facilities, greenhouses, hemp farms, and a machine fabrication facility, which allows EcoGen BioSciences to produce the highest quality CBD on the market.  EcoGen BioSciences guarantees premium quality from seed to sale.
  • QA/QC, ISO, and cGMP compliant.
  • Planted 800 acres of hemp in partnership with farmers across Colorado.

Raw Materials

Feminized Seeds

Processing Lab Equipment

Partnerships from Seed to Sale

In-House Manufacturing

Production of Hemp is a Key Variable in the CBD Manufacturing Supply Chain

By having our own hemp farms/greenhouses allows us to meet consumer demand for hemp derived products and by growing our own high-cbd strains, this allows us to maintain a level of consistency in our products, unlike most others who are buying many different strains from different sources. We are going into our fourth season, so as a company we are way ahead of the majority of hemp producers across the USA. The Rohrabacher–Farr amendment was signed into law in 2014 which prohibits the Justice Department from interfering with the implementation of state medical cannabis laws and thanks to the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 it is now legal to grow hemp throughout the US as an agricultural commodity.

Ethical Hemp farming

EcoGen Biosciences set out to create an ethical Hemp farming ecosystem where everyone wins.

Sustainable agriculture is our passion and our founding team is comprised of multiple generations of successful farmers who understand the importance of taking care of the earth. When your work with EcoGen Biosciences, you’re helping more than yourself. You’re supporting a company of farmers and producers who work hard to exceed regulatory standards because we believe in great quality and growing products sustainably. The products we produce at EcoGen Biosciences are derived from Hemp grown on our own farms using organic practices. Although native to Central Asia, Hemp grows all over the world and our farmers have developed processes to grow in our region of Colorado thanks to the ideal pH balance of the soil, moderate climate, and annual rainfall conditions. This allows us to grow the plants we need to provide consistent products while respecting the environment.

Are you a hemp farmer?

Ecogen Biosciences is here to support you!

Hundreds of local farmers have been forced to import hemp seed from Canada and China until now. Hemp farmers across America have recognized a significant need for harvesting and production equipment that can withstand and harness the power of the mighty hemp plant. Through our experience, we’ve gained a keen understanding of how to plant and harvest hemp, and how to produce many viable commodities. The hemp plant is said to have over 25,000 uses with some estimates even higher showing promise in being a successful commercial crop for years to come.

EcoGen Biosciences would like to thank all of the farmers who are willing to step outside their comfort zone to explore the possibilities of hemp. It is with your help that we lay a solid foundation this recently restored, highly versatile crop that is great for your land, great for your community, and great for the planet. “