Q&A: Qualities to Look for When Choosing a White Label Partner

The CBD industry is showing no signs of slowing down. With a forecasted reach of $20 billion by 2024, it is no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are clamoring to get their hand in this growth. In order to sell CBD products to consumers, companies have two options – start a ​​private label product or find a trusted partner to do it for them, also known as white labeling. 

For those who are interested in white-labeling CBD products, there are quite a few important qualities to look for when choosing a partner for hemp-derived products. To help dive deeper, we sat down to speak with Brittany Giovanniello, our expert Private Label Manager, to learn more. 


First thing’s first, what is a white label partner?

A white label partner is a company that a brand works with to manufacture its finished goods. The white label manufactures have a standard formula and various packaging options that allow quick turnaround of products that are ready to sell. Oftentimes, white label partners will also offer private labels, which allows custom product development that might work better for a specific audience of consumers.


What qualities should you look for when choosing a white label partner?

First and foremost the most important thing to look for is trust. Vendors that you can rely on are imperative to any business large and small. Trustworthy vendors are transparent in their communication, can back up quality statements with certification documents and provide third-party testing that validates the manufacturing process and safety of the product. EcoGen provides all of this supporting documentation and consults with businesses on which options make the most sense for their direction.


What is EcoGen’s role in white labeling?  

EcoGen produces the highest quality hemp-derived ingredients and consults with brands about how to turn those ingredients into retail-ready products. EcoGen’s knowledgeable sales team helps its clients determine which products are best for the brand’s consumer and manages the production of those products through our sister company, e2e Pharma. EcoGen qualifies manufacturers to produce unique formulas in impressive packaging, diversifying the hemp-derived finished goods available to consumers.


What type of products does EcoGen white label?  

EcoGen white labels functional formulas of gummies, oil drops, soft gels, powdered capsules, beverages, face and body care, such as lotions and serums. We also can create confections, transdermal patches, pet chews, powders, and a variety of coat and skin care for our furry friends.


Why does experience in the hemp industry matter?

Experience in the hemp industry matters because we are in a brand-new space, with gray areas and players to boot. Those who have been around for a few years understand how to make business decisions and guide clients in a way that brings success. The challenges faced five years ago are different than today, but the companies that have an experienced team will cover all of the bases and ensure its customers understand the hemp industry. EcoGen and e2e Pharma are focused on customer experience, applying that industry knowledge and making the process easy for our customers.  


How does transparency play an important role in choosing a partner?

Transparency plays an important role in choosing a partner because, far too often, suppliers hide behind what appears to be a big name and brand in the space, but don’t participate in the manufacturing of any of the products that they offer. This has led to inconsistency in product quality, missed delivery dates, and overall poor communication as you seek answers on why things aren’t going as planned. A good partner over communicates so when challenges arise, all are aware and can make decisions to protect their business. A good partner also will open their doors to show you what’s inside. Getting eyes on the operation gives you that confidence that you are working with the source and the people who are participating in creating your products.  


What does the white label process entail?  

The white label process begins with a consultation. EcoGen’s sales representative will ask several questions to help understand the goals and position of the company. From there, we provide product information that gives a deeper look into the specifications, send supporting quality documentation and a supply agreement. Product samples are provided and if the product is approved by the customer, we then share a quote. Once the quote is signed and we have a deposit on the order, a project manager is assigned. Throughout the process, we update our customers with progress and production deadlines. 


Once manufacturing is complete, we send the material out for third-party testing that can be transferred into the customer’s name. This allows the use of the product name on their website without revealing who their manufacturing partner is. Finally, EcoGen will follow up on how the material was received and continue to update customers on new products.


What other services does EcoGen offer? 

EcoGen offers seeds and seedlings for companies looking for a vertical story, extraction, refinement, customized distillates, isolated CBD and minor cannabinoids, micro and nano water-soluble technology, and customized flavored oil formulas. We perform third-party testing on all of our products and back up our products with a quality guarantee to ensure our customers are satisfied, every time.


Whether your company is just starting to look at white-labeling CBD or you are seeking out a new partner, do not be afraid to ask the important, hard-hitting questions. Make sure all necessary documentation is shared openly and transparency is of their utmost importance.

To speak with one of our white label specialists, contact us here