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Benzinga: The Week In Cannabis: Stocks Down Amid Earnings Season, Argentina Regulates Medical Marijuana

As the dust settles after Election Day, EcoGen was featured in a round of of industry news in Benzinga.

Kadenwood’s EcoGen Biosciences announced the acquisition of hemp processing and extraction company General Processing, which included the ownership of a 50,000-square-foot Colorado-based facility. The new facility provides EcoGen with increased capacity and cGMP certification.

“EcoGen’s innovative technological advancements in terms of processing will allow us to process hemp more sustainably than ever before, which is imperative for the future of our industry and planet. This acquisition also expedited our progress in cGMP certification and implementation of the new, improved processes, enabling us to better meet the increase in demand as we look to 2021 and beyond,” Garrett Bain, president of EcoGen Biosciences, told Benzinga.