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Is Water Soluble CBD the Next Big Thing?

The world of CBD products has seen its fair share of evolution. The forms that opened the marketplace up, such as bottled oil drops and topical creams made with CBD isolate, continue to retain a strong desire from consumers.

However, they are quickly becoming products of the past.

Novel delivery methods and unique ingredients are blossoming, and the evolution from isolate-based oil drops to formulations based on distillates is being driven by product efficacy.

The next phase of CBD product innovation aims directly at those customer expectations of instant results and more familiar products on the shelves. 

Enter, water soluble CBD.


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As customers become more comfortable with CBD and experience positive benefits, the trend is to seek out a product that you can feel results from quickly. Water soluble CBD is not just an ingredient that allows the development of beverages and liquid-based products, it contains enhanced bioavailability that quickly delivers a unique user experience.

Often used in lotions, cosmetics, oil drops, pet chews, or bath bombs, EcoGen’s nano-emulsified water soluble CBD provides fast-acting efficacy and a potent delivery of CBD. 

While the evolution of CBD products is certain to continue, excellent water soluble CBD is here to stay. As a bulk ingredient to support your cbd manufacturing needs, or as an ingredient in a custom product developed with the EcoGen Private Label program, we have multiple options to suit your customer’s needs. 

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