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What are Bulk Ingredients and Which Should I Choose for my Finished Goods?

When it comes to CBD finished goods, are all bulk ingredients created equal? Is isolate better for gummies, or would distillate be the choice? When does water soluble CBD come into play?

In this blog, we will uncover what each raw ingredient is, its perks, and how to decide which one you need for your finished goods. To start things off, it is important to understand what the different bulk ingredients are and how they work within the body. The most common types are CBD distillate, isolate, and water soluble CBD. So, let’s dive in.


CBD Distillate is a whole-plant hemp extract passed through a distillation process to produce the highest quality of golden CBD oil, removing impurities like chemicals, toxins, sugars, & other destabilizing compounds. The result is robust cannabinoid profiles that are high in CBD & other synergistic cannabinoids; such as CBG, CBN, CBC and CBDv.  Distillate is the most popular for use in finished goods because of its many healing benefits, including the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is when all of the compounds in the distillate work together harmoniously and actually elevate, or even mitigate, certain effects.  Essentially, this means when the compounds come together, they work harder and produce greater effects than they would on their own.

EcoGen’s Signature Distillate is 85% CBD with 10% minor cannabinoids. Our standard distillate, on the other hand, has 80% CBD and between 2-10% minor cannabinoids depending on whether or not the product is broad or full spectrum. Broad-spectrum distillate has no detectable THC content while full-spectrum distillate contains the maximum compliant levels of THC.

Some of the most common distillate-based finished goods include gummies, topicals, tinctures, soft gels, and more.


CBD isolate is deliberately manufactured to only contain CBD, meaning it contains no additional terpenes or other cannabinoids. To get this 99% pure CBD, or higher, raw ingredient, the plant has to go through an extensive extraction process. This process leaves behind a pure crystalline powder or solid that is void of the smell and taste other forms of CBD have, due to the terpenes. With no other additives or contaminants, isolate is a very pure form of CBD. However, at EcoGen, we can always add certain cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG to our isolate for the added benefits.

Some of the most common isolate-based finished goods include gummies, tinctures, some topicals, and more. Gummies and tinctures are great for isolate as it is the easiest compound to formulate due to the potency typically being a 1:1 formulation.


On its own, CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it will not dissolve in water, but instead will dissolve in fat. However, through a process called nanoemulsification, we can actually turn CBD into a product that is water soluble. Through this process, particles of CBD explode and become even smaller without losing their value, then the fat particles are dissolved – making it easier to mix with water.

The benefits of water soluble CBD is the potency and efficacy of the product. Since the product is water soluble, it soaks into the bloodstream quicker, avoiding any fat and slow digestion. With a five to 10x absorption rate, water soluble CBD is an effective way to quickly get the benefits of CBD.

Some of the most common water soluble CBD-based finished goods include beverage applications. Ecogen offers a crystal-clear, “true-nano” aqueous product where the particle size is so small that it lets light particles travel through, making it completely translucent. I had more than 10 years of experience in the beverage industry before joining EcoGen and take it from me – water soluble cannabinoids are the future of the industry.

Additionally, it can be used for powdered drink mixes and pet food powders formulated with water soluble powder. Water soluble liquid, on the other hand, is great for formulating cosmetics and can be good for topicals as well!

It is important to mention the bioavailability of CBD when it comes to topical and cosmetic products. Using water soluble cannabinoids in these types of products will have an increased bioavailability due to the minuscule particle size, which is why water solubles are typically offered for these types of products. In other words, when you apply the topical to the skin it immediately passes through the dermis and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream for a faster and more potent effect.


The distillate, isolate and water soluble CBD all have amazing benefits, so the type of raw, bulk ingredients that you choose truly depends on your end product and what that product requires in order to be most effective.

Isolate and distillate can both be used in most finished goods, the main difference to keep in mind is whether or not you want to offer the full spectrum of cannabinoids (distillate), or solely CBD (isolate). Also, think about the potency and avenue of consumption. Are you producing a beverage that requires clear, nanoemulsified products to enhance your drink? Do you want to avoid an oily layer and hemp smell in your face lotion? Are you producing a tincture or gummy where you need the entire entourage of cannabinoids to be present and dynamic in the end product? Or do you require a combination of forms (distillate can be combined with isolate to increase the levels of CBD in the formulation)?

These are just some of the questions it is important to ask yourself before choosing a bulk raw ingredient for your finished goods. No matter what you need, EcoGen can help. If you have any questions or require consultation, our bulk product and finished goods experts can help steer you in the right direction and provide an unmatched customer experience!