EcoEdition Volume 17: What We Learned at Natural Products Expo West 2022

The Natural Products Expo (NPE) West is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together leading global brands in the natural and plant-based products space to showcase innovations and explore emerging trends. This was the first show since 2020, when COVID-19 caused it to shut down at the last minute. However, two years is a long time for businesses to grow, new inventions to come about and new demands to be explored. If you have never been to Natural Products Expo West, but are curious about the natural products and CBD spaces, read on to see what our teammate, Patrick Ryan, had to say about the expo. 

This was the first year back at Natural Products Expo since the pandemic began. How has the expo itself and the brand offerings evolved over the past two years?  

First of all, it was great to be back mixing it up in person! Zoom-based trade shows just aren’t the same…  


Expo West is a real showcase for new & innovative natural products, in an enthusiastic environment. For EcoGen, it’s another opportunity to showcase our world-class hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients like CBD Isolate and Distillate, our Private Label program, and finished product offerings.


What is at least one thing you learned from attending the conference that you would like to share?  

 There is no comparison when it comes to in-person networking and ideating. Sitting on the phone or in a Zoom meeting doesn’t always cut it. Another thing that stands out is that “plant-based” and “sustainable” are no longer just buzz words or marketing tools – they are big businesses and are important aspects to consider on both the manufacturing and consumer side. 


Please describe any new trends in the natural products space you foresee becoming increasingly popular in 2022.  

 From walking the show to chatting with customers, it was clear that water soluble CBD beverages and infusions are here to stay.  We’re excited about this burgeoning trend and have been preparing for adoption and growth in this category in developing our bulk and finished water soluble offerings. 


What part of EcoGen’s business and product offerings were you most excited to showcase?  

 EcoGen built its reputation on industry-leading hemp-derived cannabinoids – isolates, distillates, et al. As we continue to grow as a team and company, we’ve developed a really robust Private Label program, and we’re excited to help our customers create unique and innovative products.


How does EcoGen plan to remain an innovator in the overall natural products space now and into the future? 

 We have an amazing team of Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, Product Developers, and much, much more. We’ll continue to lead in this industry and deliver quality, consistency & compliance to the hemp-derived cannabinoid space in every product we create.

EcoGen is thrilled to have been back at Natural Products Expo and cannot wait to continue networking at similar events. Want to stay up to date on conferences we will be at? Follow us on