EcoEdition Volume 19: 8 Reasons Why Hemp Is Good for the Planet

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day by acknowledging the importance of environmental stewardship in agriculture and manufacturing industries. More specifically, we want to celebrate the remarkable ways that the hemp plant can positively impact the planet. 

Every hemp plant makes a difference. From carbon sequestration and soil nitrogenation, to cannabinoids, textiles, and protein, hemp adds value across multiple industries and verticals. While EcoGen’s focus is on hemp-derived ingredients for humans and pets with our Isolates, distillates, private label program, and finished products, the entirety of our value chain support a cleaner, healthier planet, and we employ sustainable practices at each stage. 

Continue reading to see all of the remarkable ways hemp is good for the world. 

Hemp Removes Carbon from the Atmosphere  

A special property of the hemp plant is its carbon sequestration. Every acre of hemp can potentially remove as many as 10 tons of carbon from the atmosphere – significantly more than a typical forest. Hemp has the potential to be a valuable row crop for farmers in rotation with staples like corn and soybeans, especially with the possible value of carbon tax incentives.

It Uses Fewer Resources

Compared to other standard crops, hemp requires less water to grow, and can survive in many different climates and soil types. This will only become more important as water becomes  Additionally, growing hemp prevents pesticide pollution as it is already naturally resistant to pests. 

Hemp is a Great Food Source

Hemp is a great source of nutrition and has the potential to help combat world hunger. Hemp seeds nourish our body with essential amino acids and vitamins. Not to mention, hemp seeds are perfect for producing healthy oils and flour. With over 795 million people in the world suffering from undernourishment, hemp is an inexpensive and nutrient-dense plant that can grow just about anywhere.

It Produces Sustainable Plastic and Building Materials

Plastic waste is a massive issue as a fossil-based material that takes over 400 years to completely decompose. Sadly, the planet is littered with approximately 9.2 billion tons of the pollutant to deal with. The good news is, we can now make plastic out of organic hemp cellulose fibers. Best of all, hemp is an organic material that’s 100% biodegradable! 

It’s a Deforestation Solution

Paper is a vital commodity and its manufacturing is leading to devastating deforestation. With the overall demand for paper expected to double by 2030, we are in desperate need of a sustainable alternative. Enter, hemp! Hemp paper can be recycled up to 8 times compared to 3 for wood paper. Trees also take several decades to grow while hemp can be harvested up to 3-4 times per year in the proper climate. If that’s not enough, approximately one acre of hemp can supply the same amount of paper as four acres of trees. 

Hemp Contributes to Soil Regeneration and Soil Fertility

The hemp plant forms deep roots, helping to hold the soil together and limiting the effects of soil erosion. Furthermore, the stem and leaves of the hemp plant are rich in nutrients, the beneficial remnants of which remain in the soil after harvesting. Additionally, hemp is extremely efficient at drawing heavy toxic metals from the soil, and the plant can be used to clean up previously contaminated areas. 

It Can Save the Bees

As pollinators, bees are essential to the lifecycle of crops, but their colonies have been declining in the US. According to a study from Colorado State University, industrial hemp could actually help declining bee populations. That’s because hemp happens to be a fantastic source of pollen. More specifically, according to researchers, the majority of hemp crops flower between July and September, which coincides with a shortage of pollen production from additional farm crops. 

Hemp Provides us With Cannabinoids like CBD!

Hemp provides us with beneficial cannabinoids like CBD that are perfect editions to your eco-friendly health and wellness routines. More specifically, hemp-derived CBD products can be just as good for the earth as they are for you. 

Contact us to learn more about EcoGen’s sustainable manufacturing practices and hemp-derived product offerings. 

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